Tensiometer Repair & Calibration

Once we received the unit from you, we will evaluate it and advice you (via email or fax) for approval on what repairs will be done on your unit. We will then submit to you the quote for the repair which will include the recalibration.

Please ship the unit to:

OPTI Manufacturing Corp.
RD. 992 KM. 0.3
Luquillo Industrial Park
Luquillo PR. 00773-2581 USA

For sales, please contact:
Marilyn Colon, Sales Coordinator
Phone: (787) 889-2285 Ext. 22
Fax: (787) 889-2805

For Technical Assistance, please contact:

Jorge Aguayo, Customer Service Manager
Phone: (787) 889-2285 Ext. 25
Fax: (787) 889-2805